On the way to becoming category changers.
Cultural Impact
Great design is the purpose. Vega Studios creates cultural impact on behalf of brands. Clients are provided with effective, efficient and attractive designs that help redefine the cultural expectations of their company. We bring a unique perspective that focuses on fresh ideas and interactive experiences.
Competitive Edge
We combine technical expertise and business sense to create platforms that give clients a competitive edge. Going well beyond advice and opinion, clients benefit from our team's collaborative actions that provide contemporary insight and execution. You will have access to a small team of designers, UX strategists and developers that will work to fulfill your company needs.

The advantage is through our network of like-minded creatives that can service all company needs. We're a fully distributed team that works from all over Canada. We use an iterative process and can fit in directly with your team to deliver designs that will help your company grow.
We're currently accepting new client projects. If you think we might help contact us Here, we'd love to hear from you.